Placing an order: Our site has been e commerce enabled so that you can conveniently order any of the Furniture Vanities on it. We accept orders for other products via e mail.

Order confirmation: You will receive an e mail confirming your order. All our products are made to satisfy a customers needs. We are the manufacturer! We do not have stocked items to ship immediately so each cabinet is produced individually. Lead time will vary from five to seven weeks, including shipping time.

Changing or cancelling an order:   You may change or cancel your order within 72 hours of placing it. Please contact us immediately should that need arise for you as each order is a custom item and can not be changed or cancelled after that time frame.

Shipping:  Bakaywood ships to the contiguous United States. Sales tax will be charged to orders being delivered in NC. Additional freight charges may apply based on actual location of delivery. We use an LTL company with a lift gate. It is suggested that assistance be on site to receive delivery. We do not bring products into your home.

Picture Packaging:  Your order is important to us and getting it to you safely is paramount. Before packaging your cabinets are inspected by us. When your order is complete we photograph it, before and after packaging. This documentation will help safeguard against any damage disputes.

Damages: Our picture packaging is a unique policy that protects your cabinetry. In addition we require you to inspect your order on delivery. Your signature is your acceptance.

Warranty:  Bakaywood warrants to the original customer that cabinets purchased will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the date of delivery.  Wood is a natural material and its variations do not substantiate a warranty issue.

What you should know about wood:

Cherry is a closed grain hardwood that generally has a uniform grain and smooth texture while varying in color. It takes a stain more evenly than other wood and deepens in tone over time. Cherry commonly has sap pockets which appear as small holes on the surface and are not filled. It may also have mineral streaks. All these features add a very distinctive character to cherry’s overall beauty.

Maple is a closed grain hardwood that wears very well. It may have mineral streaks and is less uniform than cherry. The variations in maple are apparent when stained, creating its own particular charm.

Painted finishes are beautiful and very popular. It is important to note that expansion and contraction commonly affects these finishes. Wood “breathes” depending on the environment and this movement becomes visible in the resulting cracks along joints of framing on doors and drawer fronts. This does not substantiate a warranty issue.

Rift Cherry and Rift Maple, which are used on the Brielle only, have a more vertical appearing grain, adding to a contemporary flavor.

Installation:  Cabinetry should be installed on a floor that is level and care should be taken to assure that walls are plumb and square. As a quality manufacturer the Bakaywood cabinets are made with backs on them. Holes will need to be drilled, on site, to accommodate plumbing requirements.
It is convenient to remove doors for installation. The six way adjustable hinges snap off easily, it is not necessary to remove the soft close mechanism to remove the doors.  For hinge adjustment the cover cap of the soft close needs to be removed, not the entire mechanism.

Hinge side to side adjustment
Hinge Height Adjustment
Hinge Depth Adjustment